“Over the Edge” – that’s how folks accurately described Jim Farmer’s perfect presentation on
Lead Core Trolling made at our July meeting.  My prediction that the meeting would be “BIG”
came true in the first five minutes of the dissertation.  Power Points, videos, and Jim’s
“to-the-point” description of trolling methods and terminal tackle wowed the crowd, which
BTW, included over 60 very interested fishermen. Jim brought along some of his jigs and
flashy attachments and fully explained how to use them.  His extensive knowledge coupled with
35 years of experience of fishing for Striped Bass clearly puts him among the best!


As we passed out the Club’s new book, I could see the surprised expression of many of
the attendees who began reading our new book: Striped Bass Fishing – By The Book.
Tell me – where can you find a detailed instructional and educational book on
Striped Bass Fishing for FREE!
That’s right – the authors of the book agreed to give it to the members for free.


The “early birds” who arrived at the July meeting prior to six o’clock were able to take
advantage of sixty lip smacking chicken wings and sweet tea.  Most of us were talking
about the DNR stocking in May; the issue of fry survival; window shopping by those elusive
Stripers; and the fishing effect of the ever-warming Lake water. I can see some new
networks being formed.


Jonathan Schaefer, primo artificial Striped Bass fisherman, will provide his keen insight and
share his vast knowledge with us as it relates to his many years of experience jigging for
Linesides.  You have heard me say this before, “you do not want to miss this meeting!” I
guarantee that you will learn something useful about Striper fishing as Jonathan will discuss
some of the outside influences that affect the fish.  Oh, you did not hear this from me; the
word on the street is that Jonathan is writing a book about Striped Bass fishing.
4235 Browns Bridge Rd. Cumming, Georgia 30041
(beside Hammond's Bait & Tackle)
Meetings are held on 1st Tuesday of each month at 6:15pm
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July Tournament 2014
Big Fish
A-Rod & Realtor
July Tournament 2014
1st Place: Weekend Hookers 63.00"
2nd Place:
Still Water 62.75"
3rd Place:
Catfish 61.00"