Beginning with its formation, the Lanier Striper Club has been a loud and strong voice for conserving Lake
Lanier’s favorite fish – the Striped Bass. The Club was one of the leaders in establishing catch and release standards not only
for its members but also the multitude of folks who fish on Lanier. The Club advocate
for catch and release in its meetings, in the media, and in other formats.

The Club and its members have donated thousands of dollars for the purchase of tanks used to transfer
Striped Bass Fry from the hatcheries to Georgia Lakes including Lanier.

The Club is a sponsor of the Lanier Striped Bass Coalition which is a partner of the Georgia Department
of Natural Resources, the organization responsible for maintaining the quality of Striped Bass fishing
on Lake Lanier.

An ongoing creel study is being conducted by the Lanier Striped Bass Coalition; fishermen are requested to
use an online service to record certain details of the fish they catch; again, this information is sent to the Georgia DNR
biologists so that they can determine the overall health and condition of Lanier’s Striped Bass.
The Club is a strong advocate of this study and promotes it to all of its members.
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Meetings are held the first Monday of each month