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                                                                       Lanier Striper Club Tournament Rules 07-07-2020

Sportsmanship – Honesty, and Sportsmanship are the cornerstones of a fair tournament.
Tournament participants will abide by the tournament rules at all times and conduct themselves in an
honest, sportsmanlike manner or risk disqualification.

Eligibility to Participate – Tournament participants and Captains must be Members in good
standing, and their club membership dues must be current at the time of participation in the
Tournament to earn points as noted herein.
Members whose memberships have lapsed or those not current with the payment of their membership
dues at the time of participation in tournaments may not qualify retroactively with respect to earning
points or winnings for tournaments fished while their membership lapsed or while dues were not
current. It is the responsibility of the member to be aware of the status of their membership dues.
To fish in club tournaments, appropriate tournament entry fees for each Boat/Team must be paid in
advance of the Tournament.
All team members fishing in the Tournament must have a valid fishing license.

Tournament Dates - Club tournaments will begin on the date and at the time designated by the
Tournament Director and approved by the Club membership.

Conduct of Boats – Boats operating in an unsafe manner may be disqualified.
All boats participating in the Tournament will be required to have completely functional and legal
functioning light systems and be equipped with appropriate USCG approved safety equipment.
Each Captain will be allowed as many persons in his or her boat as he or she wishes as long as he or she
does not exceed the capacity of their boat and safe operation.

All legal Fishing requirements and limits shall remain in effect before, during, and after the Tournament.
It is the responsibility of the Team participants to know those legal responsibilities and limits. To violate
these limits shall result in disqualification of the entire Boat/Team from the Tournament. To violate any
Federal, State, or other local or County Law during the course of the Tournament disqualifies the
Boat/Team in question for that Tournament. Upon disqualification, all entry fees paid by the Boat/Team
are then forfeit.
Life jackets should be worn by all aboard a tournament vessel whenever it is moving faster than idle
across the lake.
A participating boat shall maintain a distance of no closer than 50 feet, or make physical contact of any
kind from another participating boat, without the consent of all participants involved. Boats shall not act
in such a way as to interfere with the effort of any competing Boat.
Boats may launch in any area of the lake for the Tournament.
Each Boat/Team will appoint a Captain of their Team. The Team members may vary Tournament to
The Weigh-in location will be determined by the Tournament Director.
All tournament fishing will be from boats.
Only the following species will be eligible for weigh-in in any club, open or special Tournament: Striped
Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, White Bass. The only exception to this rule is for the optional Big Spot Pot that
only includes the species Spotted Bass and Large Mouth Bass.
Any Tournament within a Tournament or contest will be held at the discretion of the Tournament
Director. These Tournaments or contests may only be entered by any Boat/Team in compliance with the
General Rules.
Tournament Entry fees - will be as follows, unless amended by the Tournament Director,
President, and Vice President:
Tournament fees per boat - $25
Big fish pot - $5
Spot Pot -$5
All-Tournament entry fees must be paid prior to the Start Time. An exception to this rule can be made
by the tournament director if a team has made arrangements with the director prior to the start time of
the Tournament.
All tournament fees are optional. Club members can fish in the club tournament without paying the
tournament fee and will be awarded points toward the yearly Points Race. However, they would not be
eligible for any to receive any of the tournament payout pots that were not paid into prior to the start of
the Tournament. In the event that a team places in a tournament or qualifies for a big fish pot that did
not pay into the tournament/pot, then the winnings are paid out to the next team in a position that did
pay into the tournament/pot.
$5 dollar of the total $25 tournament fee will be collected to be included at the end of the year
participation incentive explained below.

End of the Year Participation Incentive –
Each paid fishing team that enters eight or more tournaments during the tournament year (May-April)
will receive one raffle ticket for a Hammonds Gift Card equal to the amount collected throughout that
current tournament year.
If you would like to be eligible for the raffle; the tournament fee structure will be:
$25 tournament fee ($5 will be saved for the end of the year raffle, the reaming $20 will be split per
existing rules…1st, 2nd, 3rd)
$5 Big Fish (Optional)
$5 Spot Pot (Optional)

Tournament Start Times - The Tournament Director is the keeper of the designated Start and
Weigh-In times for the Tournament. It is the responsibility of every participant to check how the
director’s time is set. The standard is AT&T time based on the time displayed on AT&T Cellular
All Tournaments shall have a given start time and a final weigh-In time, which will be given in advance of
the Tournament even if only just before the Tournament. Start time means no lines in the water until
after the start time is reached.

Weigh-In – The location of the weigh-in will be designated by the tournament director. In order to
encourage catch-and-release fishing and to help the lake’s fishing population, the actual weigh-in
process will be a virtual weigh-in using pictures to show the total length of the fish. A team member
must bring clear pictures of the fish to the weigh-in location to earn points or place in the Tournament.
The sum of the length of the two pictures presented to the tournament director is counted as the total
tournament length for the team.
A unique tournament code will be provided to all of the teams fishing the Tournament just prior to the
start of the Tournament. Typically, the director will send a text out to the team captains with the
monthly Tournament’s code. If a team does not receive the code prior to the start of the Tournament,
they can call the tournament director to get the code. This code must be included and must be
visible in each of the fish pictures presented for weigh-in for the measurement to be eligible.
To avoid discrepancies, all participants are expected to arrive to the weigh-in location prior to the
weigh-in time to ensure their pictures are available to the tournament director. If a team arrives late to
the weigh-in location, they forfeit their ability to present their pictures for weigh-in.

In the event of an emergency (mechanical break-down, accident, etc.) it may be acceptable for a team
to send in their weigh-in pictures electronically by contacting the tournament director prior to the
weigh-in time. This exception is at the discretion of the tournament director and will typically be limited
to 1 or 2 instances per team in a given year.
If a picture is used by a team to secure a winning placement in the monthly Tournament, that picture
must be submitted to the tournament director for posting on the club’s web page. These pictures
include both pictures used to win a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place position in the tournament plus the big
fish and big spot pictures.
These pictures can be submitted to the tournament director via text, email, or other forms of electronic
transfer. The tournament director requests that the pictures be submitted within 24 hours of the weigh in so the tournament results can
be promptly posted to the club web page. The tournament payouts at
the following monthly club meeting will not be distributed to a team if their pictures have not yet been

Measuring Fish – All fish are measured for the Tournament using pictures that are presented to the
tournament director at the weigh-in site (No pictures – no points). The pictures must conform to the
rules outlined below.
All fish to be measured for this event must be measured on a measuring board. It is recommended that
the measuring board be at least 38” long. If your board is too short for the fish, please show the
additional length with a tape measure.
All fish will be measured in the same manner. The nose of the fish must be touching the front of the
board at the 0” mark. The measurement is made to the tip of the tail. Measurements are calculated by
rounding down to the nearest ¼ of an inch. A picture of the fish, including the tournament number,
must be clearly visible and show the entire fish. It is the team captain’s responsibility to ensure the
picture is clear and that it meets all of the requirements above.
A team may catch and measure as many fish as possible; however, overall tournament results will be
determined based on the combined total length of a team’s two longest fish.
In the event of two or more fish measuring to the same ¼ inch that is contesting for the Big Fish award,
the fish will be deemed to be tied, and the Big Fish Pot will be split evenly according to the number of
contesting fish deemed to be tied. The same process will be applied in the case of the overall total
length measured.

Tournament Payouts – Payouts will be made to the Captain of the team/boat. The Captain may
then distribute Payout funds (at his or her discretion) to other crew members. The number of places
paid out, and the distribution of the tournament pot is determined by the number of boats entered into
the Tournament as described below.
1 to 5 Boats
1st place 100% of Tournament Pot
6 to 10 Boats
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Lanier Striper Club Tournament Rules 07-07-2020
1st place 60% of Tournament Pot
2nd place 40% of Tournament Pot
11 to 20 Boats
1st place 50% of Tournament Pot
2nd place 30% of Tournament Pot
3rd place 20% of Tournament Pot
More than 20 Boats
1st place 48% of Tournament Pot
2nd place 27% of Tournament Pot
3rd place 15% of Tournament Pot
4th place 10% of Tournament Pot
Tournament Big Fish: 100% of the Tournament Big Fish Pot.
Tournament Spot Pot: 100% of the Spot Pot.

Team of the Year Point Race – The Point Race is an accumulation of team points earned
through tournament results and meeting activities for the complete club year that runs from May
through April. The points race is used to award the team with the most accumulated points at the end of
the club year with the “Team of the Year” status.
Points are earned each month as defined below:
5 - Participation points are earned for each team that fishes in the monthly club tournament and
physically attends the tournament weigh-in.
1 – Weigh-in point is earned for each inch of a team’s two fish weigh-in total for the monthly club
tournament. (Note: Only the ten best monthly weigh-in point scores are summed to calculate Team of
the Year Standings).
10 – Big Fish points are earned for the team winning the Big Fish pot in the monthly Tournament.
10 - Meeting points are earned for each team that has one or more team members in attendance at the
monthly club meeting. (Note: a team can earn meeting points in any month even if they do not fish in
the Tournament. Also, be sure to sign in to the tournament directors “Team Sign-Up Sheet” to be
awarded the meeting points even if your team is not fishing).
Non-Boater Program – In the interest to help promote the LSC tournament participation and to help LSC
members who are new to striper fishing, the club runs a non-boater program that is integrated into the
club's monthly tournaments. Non-boaters are placed on a team’s boat to fish during the monthly club

Thru the participation in this program, the non-boater has the opportunity to learn fishing techniques,
boat rigging techniques, sonar reading techniques, etc. all while participating in the tournament
experience. The non-boater program is also a great way to get to know other club members and start to
build a network of fishing “friends.”
An eligible non-boater is a Lanier Striper Club member in good standings who is with-in his first year of
tournament participation. A member can sign up to be a non-boater at the monthly club meeting by
talking to the tournament director, who has a non-boater signup sheet. It is expected that a non-boater
will help cover the team's cost for the Tournament (bait, gas, etc.). The team captain will work out these
details directly with the non-boater on an individual basis.
The tournament director will ask for volunteers from the teams participating in the monthly
Tournament to take out any non-boaters who have signed up for the Tournament.

Cancellation of Tournaments - Cancellations will be decided jointly by the President, Vice
President, and the Tournament Director.
In the event that a Tournament must be canceled, even at the last minute or during a Tournament in
Progress due to dangerous weather or other hazards, Members should check their email and look for a
message from the Tournament Director. If email is not available, contact the Tournament Director for
information. If the cancellation is during a Tournament in progress, an announcement will be made on
VHF channel 66.
Complaints and appeals – Complaints related to the tournament results will be made to and decided by
a committee consisting of the Club President, Vice President, and the Tournament Director. All decisions
are considered final.

Meetings are held the first Monday of each month